Shrimps in a tangy sauce (Sungta Phanna Upkari)  

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Shrimps,prawns,Sungta phanna upkari

Well, finally I am posting this recipe which has been on my list for a long long time. This is a hot favorite with the Mangaloreans and in general all konkani people. I love to eat this with pan polo (neeru dosa). Whenever I make this, I just can't help but pop a shrimp in my mouth whenever I am walking around in the kitchen. They are so irresistible. Well, you'll know once u make these :)

What you will need:
Shrimps - 15 to 20, cleaned
Onions - 2 large
Red chilli powder - 1 tsp
Tamarind - lemon sized
Oil - 2 tbsp
Salt to taste

How to prepare:
Rub the shrimps with half a teaspoon of salt and keep aside. Soak the tamarind in half a cup of water. Squeeze out the tamarind to get a thick juice.
Heat oil. Add the onions and fry until they are really brown. The onions need to be really brown otherwise the taste is not the same. Now lower the flame, add the chilli powder and fry for just about a minute. Add the tamarind juice and bring the mixture to a boil. Add the shrimps and cook until done.

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